Pre & Post Yoga’s Secret Weapon

It is important that we give our body the nourishment it needs before or after each yoga practice session. This is done to to regain energy and burn fat effectively. That said, one should eat lightly, if at all, before a yoga class. Here are the top three reasons why smoothies are chief among the most awesome foods for yogis.

1. A morning boost

A green smoothie will help you jump-start your day faster than any cup of coffee. It also helps you maintain an optimum level of energy throughout your morning to prevent you from crashing.

2. Optimum hydration

The fruits and vegetables used for your smoothie provide the much-needed water your body needs. Of course, this is done on top of drinking adequate amounts of your plain H2O. Your smoothie, which is made of fruits and plants such as cucumber and tomatoes, is an extra source of water in your daily intake.

3. Mix your fruits and veggies up

This is the part where you get super creative! Make your tasty smoothies by combining both the fruits and vegetables of your liking. This step is key to getting the adequate amount of your vitamin-packed servings per day.y

Protein Kick

For a class full of strengthening poses, you will definitely need a protein kick. Plant-based proteins are the best for this. Good examples are chia seed, hemp seed, plant protein powder, natural nut butters, or organic rolled oats. These healthy proteins are ideal because they fit into most dietary plans, even those with a lot of restrictions.


New York Yoga’s Special Edition “Yogi Power Smoothie Bowls” are available now @ BMS Organics cafe restaurants

  1. Tree Pose Yogi Bowl
  2. Sun Salutation Yogi Bowl

Special Ingredient: The BFit organic plant-based protein powder, which helps muscle growth and recovery.

Tree Pose Yogi Bowl
Ingredients: Greek yogurt, coconut milk, banana, dragon fruit, cashew nut & pumpkin seed, goji berry, mango, blueberry, granola, cranberries, mint leaves & B-Fit Natural Protein Powder

Healthy tips: Berries are delicious, low in calories, high in fibre and antioxidants. Nuts are rich in unsaturated fatty acids and are good for cardiovascular health. Yogurt is a healthier choice as it is rich in protein, high in calcium and low in sugar. Let’s mix all the ingredients in a bowl to reap all its benefits.

Sun Salutation Yogi Bowl
Ingredients: Greek yogurt, coconut milk, banana, cashew nut, mango, chocolate, strawberry, papaya, kiwi, mint leaves, cinnamon & B-Fit Natural Protein Powder

Healthy tips: Mango, strawberry, papaya and kiwi are naturally rich in phytonutrient such as fruit acid, pectin and lutein as well as important vitamin such as Vitamin C and Vitamin B complex. With the mixture of coconut milk and yogurt, it offers a creamy and smooth-textured. Let’s try it out today!

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