REWRITE THEIR FUTURE is New York Yoga’s fundraising campaign that aims to give underprivileged children a second chance at life, through the introduction of mindfulness and physical education.

What we don’t learn in school

Kids are taught many facts in school, but not many would receive the necessary emotive tools that can actually help them live better lives as adults. Here are some of the most important aspects that can support and enhance children’s lives at large but are absent in most curriculums across the world:

  1. How to be happy
  2. How to manage emotions
  3. How to communicate in a positive way
  4. How to keep our bodies healthy and functional
  5. How to feel connected to our inner selves and be respectful of our bodies
  6. How to boost and optimise our self-esteem
  7. How to develop positive self-control (rather than be controlled externally by adults)
  8. How to focus and concentrate better
  9. How to relax and find peace of mind
  10. How to be creative and think independently

At New York Yoga, we strongly believe that yoga offers these tool and imbibe them naturally in children. As a result, we stand a chance at getting ourselves a healthier and well-adapted future generation.

The problem we see

The competitive and goal-oriented nature of most schools creates social phobias, exam anxiety, and even insomnia. As such, kids tend to suffer not only mental fatigue but also physical tension.  Sitting still for long hours in awkward poses and carrying heavy bags create a lot of trapped stress. in the body. When kids are conditioned to bend over their desks for prolonged periods of time, they eventually find it hard to concentrate, breathe properly, and even stay awake.

Such is why yoga classes in schools are an important ideal. However, some learning institutions do not have the space nor the budget to introduce weekly yoga classes. Of course, there are many places in Kuala Lumpur that host regular yoga sessions for children, but the benefits of yoga can penetrate the young mind much more deeply when embedded into the routines of the classroom.

Today, there are still not enough places and spaces in which young children get a chance to relax, to realise and practice the art of looking inward, and explore the real emotions that make who they are. So this is where we come into play. Together, we can all provide yoga as a means for them to think better, and ace the school of life.

Our proposed solution

We seek the help of potential sponsors who, like us at New York Yoga, are passionate about helping our young generation get on their own feet and find their own footing, so they can one day lead us. Every donation makes a difference.

Like to be one and donate? Thank you! With your help, we will be able to provide mindfulness yoga education to unprivileged children and schools in dire need of support, across the nation.

Through our REWRITE THEIR FUTUREcampaign, the benefits of mindfulness and mindful movement will do more than impact the lives of individual teachers and students. They will become a recognised necessity of the future. A more compassionate climate will permeate classroom walls, reshape school communities, filter into neighborhoods, and ultimately help reshape the health of Malaysia.

YOU can change their future by rewriting it……

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