Yoga at Home 线上瑜伽课 (3-Month)

RM280.00 RM180.00

(RM2.25 per class only!)
  • Every month you pay RM180 only
  • 3-Month Unlimited Pass: You can join all types of classes
  •  Class duration: 60 minutes
  •  80 classes per month (20 classes per week)
  •  3 classes every day
  •  Time slots:
    Morning – 9:30am & 11:00am
    Evening – 6:30pm & 8:30pm
  •  If students cannot make it to the schedule class time, they can replay the LIVE video up to 24 hours until video expired
  •  Interactive way of teaching with Q&A at the end of the class
  •  Join private group by invitation only
  •  Attend classes by going straight to the Facebook Private Group to join LIVE class, no invitation is needed
  •  Entitled for 30-minute nutritionist consultation worth RM60

Important Note: This class pass and membership cannot be refunded or returned, exchanged or transferred between persons. This is a <RECURRING membership> which required to pay monthly membership fees for 3-month billing cycles. You will be charged RM180 per month.


  • 每月只需付RM180
  • 3个月无限通行证:您可以参加所有类型的课程
  • 上课时间:60分钟
  • 每月80堂(每周20堂)
  • 每天3节课
  • 如果时间不合适,您可以在24小时以内,随时重播视频,非常方便
  • 时段: 上午 – 9:30 am & 11:00 am
                  晚上 – 6:30 pm& 8:30 pm
  • 课堂结束时通过问答进行互动式教学
  • 仅受邀请加入私人小组
  • 直接前往Facebook私人小组参加课程,无需邀请
  • 一次30分钟营养师咨询,价值RM60

重要说明:此类的pass和会员资格不能在人与人之间退款或退还,交换或转让。 这是一个<RECURRING定期会员资格>,需要为3个月的结算周期支付月度会员费用。每月自动支付RM180费用。

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