Annie Wong, who is a fitness enthusiast, fashionista, traveler, animal lover, and health nuts who LOVES surrounding herself by the nature, sharing info about organic foods and spending time with family and friends. Annie is trained by YogaWorks in New York for her 200hr yoga teacher certification. She is also a trained Body Balance/ Body Flow’s instructor by Les Mills Reebok. In 2018, Annie hold a certified toddlers, preschoolers and family yoga instructor which trained by Pure Yoga in Shanghai.

Annie thinks yoga is for everyone and it could be anywhere. With consistent practice, the influence of yoga can empower people to be stronger and unfold a deeper understanding of themselves. Her aim is to help her students to achieve their goals, find their “home” and build their confidence.

Annie believes continuous learning is important throughout her yoga’s path, and she will never stop learning from her teachers and students (Students are the best teachers). Some of the influential teachers in her journey are Laurel Beverdorf, the trainer who built Annie’s foundation and transformed her from a student to a teacher; Elena Brower, who inspired her and gave her the direction to where she belongs and leads to; Sarah Bell, who taught her the use of vocality as a yoga teacher; Chrissy Carter who inspired her with a fun and energetic teaching style; Rocio Tjalve, who is the instructor Annie used to have regular classes with on a weekly basis at Issaquah, Washington. Karen Wightman who shaped Annie into a fun and creative kids and family yoga teacher.

Teaching Style   Dynamic, fun and entertaining. She focuses on alignment and meditation. You will flow through a well-crafted series of mindful yoga that will calm your body, clear your mind and open your heart.

Inspirations   Compassion – Love – Kindness – Mother of Nature – Friendship – Gratitude

安妮是一位健身爱好者、时尚达人、旅行者、动物爱好者。她热爱大自然,时常与家人和朋友分享有机健康饮食的秘诀,并最喜欢与家人和朋友共度时光。安妮在纽约YogaWorks 接受瑜伽老师的培训,获得了200小时瑜伽教师资格证书。她也是莱美 Les Mills 的一名训练Body Balance身体平衡/身体流动的教练。2018年,安妮在中国上海获得 Pure Yoga 培训的幼儿、学龄前儿童和家庭瑜伽教练资质。


在锻炼瑜伽的整个过程中,持续学习是很重要的,她永远不会停止向老师和学生们(学生是最好的老师)学习。她旅途中的一些有影响力的老师是Laurel Beverdorf,她是栽培安妮成为老师的的培训师,她把她从一个学生变成了一个教师;Elena Brower启发了她,让她找到了她的方向;Sarah Bell 教她如何把声音变得更有感染力和穿透心;Chrissy Carter 启发她怎样是有趣和充满活力的教学风格;Rocio Tjalve,她是安妮的教练,曾经每周在西雅图的Issaquah上常规课。Karen Wightman把安妮塑造成一个有趣、有创造力的孩子和家庭瑜伽老师。




同情 – 爱 – 仁慈 – 大自然之母 – 友谊 – 感激

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