Meow Meow Toddler

About the class

Children at this age (12MO – 3 year old) require a certain amount of gross and fine motor skills before entering preschool and yoga can provide this. At this precious age, we keep this class playful and fun through discovering, exploring, imagining, playing, laughing, singing, dancing, moving & balancing. Through practicing yoga, each child can develop a strong and confident body mind and spirit.


  • Fewer tantrums
  • Better sleep patterns
  • Improve digestion
  • Build ability to listen more effectively
  • Confident and higher self-esteem
  • An increase in the development of both gross and fine motor skills
  • Easier to relax
  • Healthy movement and activity and physically fit lifestyle

Who should join

By pair –

1 Parent + 1 toddler (12 months-3 years old)

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