New York Yoga MYS – Founder’s Story

But then, a miracle happened: my father’s condition gradually stabilized, at least for a little while. He then insisted that I must finish what I started. Thankfully, I received so much support – I had received prayers, words of encouragements, and lots of comforting hugs from my New York yogi family. His support had me feeling like I’m on fire. Eventually I graduated as a certified yoga instructor from YogaWorks. It was a perfect gift for my old man, who passed away peacefully, nine months later, knowing that I’ve made him proud.

With so many ups and downs, tears, laughter, people, and love from this city, I was nurtured to feel like we are always ONE no matter our nationality, skin color, language, and culture, as well as the distance between us. New York City is my yoga home, and New York Yoga, an expression of it.

“New York Yoga is a reflection of the thousands of hours in I had spent in yoga studios appreciating the combination of the right flow, the body, the breath, the sound, the PEOPLE, and the sense of belonging I feel in the yoga community.

My yoga-teaching journey started in SOHO, New York City. I was a brave young girl from Kuala Lumpur who decided to book a flight ticket to New York and an Airbnb accommodation for a month, believing that this will change my life. Just a week after, news broke that my dad was admitted to the hospital in a critical stage with pancreatic cancer. I was so worried and devastated. Above all, I was torn between the idea of going back home and to finish my training.




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