Fantastic Family

About the class

This class helps parents connect with their children, and allows them to have a fun and quality time while practicing yoga. Ultimately, their shared practice can foster lifelong health and wellbeing.

Extra benefits:

  • A healthy and happy parent-child bonding time
  • A reminder of what is ultimately important in life (your kids!)
  • Better communication with children
  • A deeper understanding of the spontaneous and unexpected ways children have fun
  • A lessening of stress and increase in fun for the participating parent
  • More laughs and feelings of joy (stress relievers)
  • Increased calmness and peace in the home environment as a ripple effect

Who should join this class

  • Families that lack effective communication and intimacy
  • Families looking to have more fun together
  • Families desiring better relationships between members
  • Families with addiction to electronic gadgets and digital devices
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