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New York Yoga (NYY) is the #1 holistic weight loss & detox yoga centre which focus on proper nutrition and exercise through providing effective classes and nutrition consultation that can help students to improve a better life.

About Us

Professional Yoga Instruction

New York Yoga (NYY) is the #1 holistic weight loss & detox yoga centre which focus on proper nutrition and exercise through providing effective classes and nutrition consultation that can help students to improve a better life.

NYY is no ordinary yoga studio. We provide yoga and fitness for people who want a modern twist on what is an ancient and highly traditional practice. Think great music, awesome instructors, cool fashion, friendly staff, and beautiful and clean facilities.

We are the new expression… because we are you.

Yoga to Build

A signature class in our NYY series is our Neck Shoulder Spine class, which addresses common health problems faced by the go-getting urbanite, such as stiff neck, shoulder pain, back pain, and lack of sleep. With our elegant Shaping Yoga class, we help women gain back their bodily confidence via a sequence of asanas that focus on the slimming and toning of stubborn target areas as well as build flexibility. We also have our Fast Burn class either as a side of the Elegant Shaping Yoga class or as a standalone option for busy people desiring effective workouts and fast results.

Yoga to Bond

As a kid-friendly yoga studio, we strongly believe in the concept of early education. As such, we help foster the bonds between parents and kids in the best way we know. Chief among our selection of creative kids and family yoga classes are the Meow Meow Toddler, the Moo Moo Preschooler, and the Fantastic Family.

At NYY, the mantra of our little yogis is “I Grow with Yoga”. With it, we aim to bring joy and laughter to families everywhere, and are committed to serving you and your family as you embark on your shared path to happiness and bliss.

NYY’s Five Professional Education Systems

International level

Diverse and globalised teaching methods handled by our most advanced teachers and advisors.

Professional accreditation

Our own NNY founder was certified by America’s two major yoga brands Yoga Alliance and YogaWorks, as well as Asia’s high-end brand Pure Yoga.

Professional teaching

All teachers practicing at NNY are trained and certified to guide safe yoga practices and help prevent injuries at the same time.

Teachers’ intensive training

Teachers adhere to a daily ritual of practicing and training, which helps them focus self-improvement and self-cultivation.

Teaching with the heart and soul

Each teacher is responsible for the wellbeing of students in each of their classes, beyond guiding their poses and adjusting their postures.

Years Teaching Experience

Happy Students

Offered Classes

Studio Locations

Our Services

We Specialize In


Help you ease tension by putting your spine through various range of motion

Mind & Body

Union of the the organ systems in the body with the conciousness in mind


Loosening your body and mental tension when you are not using them

Strength Building

Total mind-body workout that combines strength and mind thru breathing and meditation

Stress Relief

Mind-body practice that combines pose, breathing and meditation to help reduce stress

Body Transform

Potential to develop muscle tone and build flexibility through yoga transformation


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When people ask how I stay motivated, I go “If you are persistent, you will get it. If you want something, go get it. Period.” Laziness is the main cause of failure in exercise.

Annie Wong

Founder, New York Yoga MYS

At BMS , we believe in balance between Body, Mind and Soul is the way to achieve holistic health; Yoga is definitely helping the 1st 2 aspect which is Body by encouraging eat clean and exercise, whereas mind is always about being positive and mindfulness.

Terry Lee

CEO, BMS Organics

Join us for some serious fun whilst working towards a fitter and happier YOU! We will burn the fats and build the abs!!

Alvin Tang

Instructor, New York Yoga MYS

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