Abs on Fire

Type: Strength 增强

Level: 2

Abs on Fire is a form of body conditioning that helps to strengthen the core and major muscle groups for a stronger and leaner physique/body/you! This exercise include Circuit Training, which is a combination of muscle strength and cardio-pulmonary exercise, which enhances the general fitness conditioning and is especially effective for beginners who want to slim down.

    Abs on Fire 是一种身体调理形式,有助于加强核心和主要肌肉群,让你更健壮,更瘦身体! 其中包括循环训练(Circuit Training) 透过一系列动作循环连贯进行,结合肌肉力量和心肺锻炼,从而提升身体综合运动能力(general fitness conditioning),对目标修身减肥的初学者尤其有效。

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